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FUBARHQ CEO Makes Front Page Headlines!


The Cyber Kid and colleagues on Front Page of NY Post - Online Edition (06-21-2022)


Hello FUBARians,

       Welcome back after what seems like forever with a long overdue ("IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS YOU F**KING SLACKER!") update from the FUBAR News

The delay in updates seems to continue to be the rule rather than the exception over the past decade. 

       So, while the FNC will continue to bring you all the updates fit to 'print' in the FUBAR-Verse, know that the FNC Advertising & Marketing Department is hard at work to bring a new format to the FUBAR News. Corp.  A format that will hopefully provide an improved AND more-over more frequent update schedule? 

       While the format change is inevitable, the FUBAR Upper Management seemed to reassure it's FUBARian loyalists and fan base with the following press-release...       

"FUBARians, Friends and Supporters.  Please know that while the latest edition of the FNC (FUBAR News Corp) News Update will be brief, changes are on the horizon.  While the current pace (or lack thereof) of scheduled updates is not ideal for anyone, know that the FNC Advertising & Marketing Dept (FNCA&M) is working tirelessly to improve the experience for both the fans and the writer's.  So, while the FNC may take on a new look in terms of some of the content, or the formatting may simply change, rest assured, we will make sure you still get all the great FNC News Updates you're accustomed too... 

'Hooter's List', 'The Kids', 'FHQ News', 'Darth M News', 'Photos' and new 'FOTQ's will still be in the regular line-up.

Additionally, while these new changes and improvements ARE coming, rest assured that the FNC will first and foremost continue to deliver the very best in not only updates on the latest FUBAR's and FUBAR events.  They will strive to continue to report on the ever-expanding FUBAR Empire, it's ideology, experiences and strategies towards their never ending goal of Total World Domination.

It is very clear to our team that the FUBAR loyalists want, and expect, nothing less. 

Thank you for continuing to ride along on the journey..."





DON'T FORGET!  The COMPLETE FUBARchives 2011 edition is still FREE! - Unlocking the FUBAR vaults, every FUBAR document in FUBARHQ and the FUBAR Press Corp. has been painstakingly recreated & scanned.  Unlike the FUBARchives newsletter anthology sent to select FUBAR's back in 2000 this collection contains ALL of those newsletters as well as NEVER BEFORE SEEN stats, rosters, receipts and photos!  Effectively - EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER we have pertaining to the FUBAR's!  DON'T FORGET - IT'S ENTIRELY FREE!!!  By clicking the link provided, you may begin to download any section or the entire FUBARchive!  So please - Enjoy!"


Also be sure to check out all the FUBAR Shenanigans on FUBARHQ Vimeo!






Be sure to visit the newest in the FUBAR Publishing News, the FUBAR Entertainment Group repertoire - CHEEKY MONKEY's photo blog/online journal.  UPDATED and sorted by year, the monkey has 10 albums and 2000+ captioned photos (Not to Mention the UN-CUT album - if you can find it!?  featuring OVER 1100+ pics of the monkey in the raw!?); The monkey is swingin'?...


"He Gets Around..."


       The Cyber Kid was asked to provide the D-Mobile III (aka "The Beast") for a couple episodes of the The Variants.  Always willing to lend a hand, the Cyber Kid took the reigns as vehicle stunt coordinator for the driving scenes as well as featured extra "Officer Handlebar" in the Season 2, Episode 1 premiere of The Variants! (Links are below)!  So, if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to watch Season's 1-3 on YouTube.com.

       The Variants follows the zany adventures of comic shop proprietor, Richard and his loyal band of store employees, Barry, Kelli, Joe and the elusive Vlad as the quartet (most of the time) find themselves in the most precarious of situations.  For more information about the show or to watch the episode click any of the respective links below -


Season 2 Episode 1

(My Scene starts at 6:40)

Season 3 Episode 7

(FUBAR CEO Dave's '77 Impala ("The BEAST") is featured prominently throughout the episode!)

Well gang, until next time, this has been your always loyal reporter  - Now go grab another BEvERage and remember you cannot un-see what you just saw?! - Enough FUBAR for ya?!...

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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