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Despite couseling from their "business" partners, Dave "Fugettaboutit" and Jeff "I Put the E in Ectasy baby" Engel decide to "go ahead" with a picture anyway on their first drug run flight to Mexico... (this photograph was later used by the prosecuting DEA in correlating the two to the infamous aircraft dubbed "The High Flyer!"...



       That's right FUBARians you heard correctly.  Jeff the "boy wonder" Engel and Dave "Darth" M were arrested and convicted on all counts of drug trafficking and possession a few weeks ago.  It appears that the Toxic Twins were operating a drug trafficking operation in conjunction with the Mexican drug cartel counterpart operation called "El Locos"  It appears that Mr. "E" and Mr. "M" were using their company aircraft on off-hours and flying said contraband to the United States.   DEA officials were apparently snubbed by these two on many occasions in the past...   One agent (whose name shall be withheld because - well frankly I can't think of one to to make up!?...) had this to say, "Those two were eluding us for months.  We thought they were Mexican at first and then Cuban, we just couldn't get good ID's on them.!   Officials believe the reason they had trouble identifying these two criminals and their ability to elude police and DEA for so long is evidenced by the following photograph.  The photograph, seized after the raid, depicts them in their disguises they would often wear which would render them virtually un-recognizable...

       DEA officers were tipped off to the Toxic Twin's hang out by a Mr. Chris "Sticky Thumbs" Roth who was quoted after the take down as saying, "I told you Dave you little ^#%^& I told you I'd get you for making me ride the pine that game you F#%!@! ....<nudge nudge>...oh yeah and what they were doing is bad for the US and society as a whole."

       The DEA has also released these two photos showing how diverse their disguises were and how they were able to "blend" in so easy and go virtually anywhere undetected.   "These two, boy never seen anything so cunning in all my life, I mean these photos just tell the story..how were we supposed to find these guys when they were this good?" said one DEA official...

Jeff "I'd like to buy a vowel - E please Pat."

Dave the "Cyber Clown?"

       So after all was said and done Dave and Jeff were convicted of 23 counts of possession and 7 counts of drug trafficking totaling 30 felony charges for the pair.  Judges sentenced each to 3 consecutive sentences of life imprisonment, which makes them eligible for parole sometime around Christmas next year.  The two defendants plan to appeal the decision. "You're damn right we are!" said Dave when posed the question outside the courthouse.  "Yeah we'll appeal and we'll win they got nothin, nothin baby - they got nothin right Dave?" was Engel's comments.  So until next time this has been an FNC exclusive, stay tuned for details as this story develops further...and until then on to the rest of the NEWS...
       Well FUBARian's it's been a quiet few months here at FUBAR HQ.  Besides the usual embezzlement of a few FUBAR dollars to allow Dave and his wife to go to the UK and the whole drug trafficking thing, there's not much to report.  There was a very strenuous few days when the FUBAR Headquarters computer system crashed causing (after 3 days of troubleshooting) a re-format of the FUBAR Mainframe.  (That sucked major by the way)  But alas it couldn't have affected us too badly as we are still able to meet the deadline for this quarter AND provide you with the quality product you are so used to...



       This just in, FUBAR Multimedia announces a new editor chief and assistant production staff!... That's right kids FNC has made some changes. After careful consideration and the whole fiasco of, well being arrested and convicted on 30 counts of felony charges and of course a review of the polls, Dave "Cyber Kid" is to be replaced effective immediately by one Keighley "The Cyber Canine" and her production team Wallace and Grommit (shown below).  This of course will no way impact his status as CEO of the FUBAR Organization...

Keighley "The Cyber Canine" Moeder



       and now a few words from our new editor in chief...

       Helo.  This iz KeeLe "The Siber K9" Mader.  I wud lik to just saye this iz a gret opportuniti fur me and I m reely luking furwurd to making this the best Multy-meedia Mpire in the industree.  Wif the help ov my budiees Wollice nd Gromit I hope u r very pleezed wif the producked we make fur u in the fucherr. Tank u fur yur time and pashonce wif my grammur and spelling.  So, luk furword 2 the next FUBAR CD/ROM web/paige and untill den teak care...


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