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CYBER KID & LITTLE DUDE visit Florida!

Mark "Old Man" Avo and Dave "The MAJOR Leaguer" hanging out @ Hooters 2009! (photo by Alex aka - Little Dude)

Hello FUBARians,

       Hello this (mid) second quarter of 2009We hope everyone is enjoying 2009?!  For us, there's been a bit of a change of pace here at the good ole FHQ!? - The Cyber Kid found out earlier this year that due to the "economic downturn" he was going to be transferred from the International Region to Domestic!  This transfer was scheduled to take place by the Spring (at posting, yours truly is currently undergoing training.) So with all the changes, the Cyber Kid decided to take Little Dude down to Central Florida to visit with the FUBAR troops and enjoy the break before heading to training!...

       So how was the mini FUBAR Reunion you ask?  Well, taking advantage of FUBAR HQ flight benefits and utilizing the company plane, the Cyber Kid and Little Dude set out at 0500 on April 19th with the intention of arriving in Central Florida by 11am!  Well, 11 HOURS later at approx. 1600, the boys arrived!  "Brutal" was all the Cyber Kid could say, however Little Dude was not at a loss for words; "We couldn't get on the 0600 flight, so we took the 0700 to Atlanta.  THEN, we were waiting for the 1225 and had to make some last minute (destination) changes and head to a different airport!.  It WAS Brutal, like he said!?...  OK, that good?  Can I play with your phone now?..."  - ... "No, battery needs charging!?... now scram kid!?..."

        Anyway, the Cyber Kid and Little Dude hooked up with Mark "the Godfather" Avocado along with Maria "Superfan" and the Emperor!  Chris "The Bionic Arm" Roth was also notified via the secret FUBAR Communications' Channel (FCC) of the Cyber Kid's arrival but was unable to attend;  "What!?  Visit the Cyber Kid!  After last year when he so conveniently "forgot" to call me?  Yeah, I'll get right over there!? ...  Let me just check my schedule ... <dial tone>............."  were Rothy's comments! -  "OK then, guess he dropped the call?!"

       So, the Cyber Kid and Little Dude spent the better part of a week enjoying all the fun Central Florida has to offer - Grandparents, BBQ's, huge dogs, movies, sun, surf and a 6' Rat! ("it's a mouse Sir!" - "I know!  It's a joke!?)  Anyway, the Little Dude enjoyed the video games and FUBAR-B-Que's galour, but after a conference (about taking over the world!?...) with Mark "Future Secretary of State" and the Cyber Kid, the trio decided they wanted to see how the...


...campaign was going?  So the boys visited Hooter's to see the program in action and we're happy to say it's been a huge success!?  The Little Dude actually posed for a picture to be featured in the next installment of advertisements...     

Little Dude campaigning w/ Jessica & Cheeky (Daytona, '09)



       So, outside the campaigning and networking, the Little Dude, Cyber Kid and Armadillos were able to hit the home of long time FUBAR friend Mickey Mouse the day before their departure.  Of course, a full 12 hours in the Magic Kingdom would make any mortal cringe BUT, the (immortal) FUBAR's plundered on and conquered everything the park had to offer (other than most of the stuff in Frontierland - Can you say Snooze-Ville!?)  

       Little Dude was especially happy to be a cool 41" tall and able to ride the big kid rides (sorry Kevin!?...  "Sir, that's cold! ...  "I know I'm an @$$!?) - So, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain were added to the itinerary last minute!  Thundered they did and Splashed even more, the FUBAR Upper Management was once again enjoying the fruits of their labor (or as usual, you're annual FUBAR dues!?...)  After all the excitement, Maria "Sleeper-Fan" and Little Dude zonked out on the car ride home while the Cyber Kid and Armadillo made funny faces and took pictures of them!?... (ALL the fun can be seen over in the ALEX'S PHOTOS & PHOTO ARCHIVES page!)

So anyway, other than the impromptu trip to the Southeast, the Cyber Kid finished his Worldly travels promoting the FUBAR "Word" and impressing the indigenous peoples with his antics.  Now, entrenched in Domestic Procedures, Equipment & Policy, the Cyber Kid is continuing his push stateside... "Well, I got the ball rolling overseas, now it's a matter of just getting the people here to listen.?  I think we can get support?  It'll just take some more time.? Like I said last quarter, "It’s a long term thing!"" were the Cyber Kid's comments.  We'll just have to see how all of this pans out as we progress through the year...


       On a side note, the FNC has been concerned as of late with the recent disappearance of Brian "I'm such a" Messer and Steve "Left" Hancock!  Both FUBAR's have gone "Dark" and the FUBAR Upper Management has been unable to reach either of the two "toxic twins!"  If you have any info as to the whereabouts of these two, please call your local FUBAR Station and provide them with information.  Any tips that lead to finding either Brian ("Bri Bri" as he's known to respond to!?) or Steve ("Handy Manny" as he's known to his "close" friends) will result in a reward of One Year FREE UNLIMITED 24/7 access to the award winning FUBAR News Corporation website - www.FUBARHQ.com  

       "FREE!  What a deal!  They don't just give this stuff away you know!" - Jeff "E" had to say; "By the way, did you mention that we had another kid yet!?"  "No, you publicity wh0r3, I didn't!!!"  ... Anyway, as we were saying, if you see either of these two nefarious characters - let us know... By the way, they may be armed and dangerous and should not be approached alone or with younger sisters!?...

Steve & Brian - Into the Sunset...


       Anyway, with all the time off vacationing, backing-up all these important documents and studying for the Domestic "Campaign", that's all we have for you this second quarter!?... Be sure to head over to the DARTH M News for more Cyber Kid training news, AVIATION pics and more!?...  Oh and BY THE WAY, Jeff & Tanya had ANOTHER CHILD!   ("Happy now?"... "Yes.")

And just because we care, here’s yet another installment of WTF – enjoy!  (I detect a theme this quarter!?....)

I see how Tanya runs HER household!?...Holy $@#&*!?"

"I see how Mark runs HIS household!?...Double Holy $@#&*!?"

Kid's Art Project - Yes, those are his friends... Yes, that's supposed to be lightning!?...

Until next time, see you in 3rd Quar. ‘09!!!

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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