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      So, although the Cyber Kid feels very confident in his reign over the FUBAR organization - when all was said and done and the footage was reviewed, the following behavior was observed and balked during the Annual FUBAR Reunion/Drunken Orgy (AFRDO)…


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Photo A. depicts Mark “the backstabber” A. talking with Brian “what a” Messer in the corner of the room.  Note two things here;

1.   the “handshake” – signifying what?  Merely a longtime "how do you do", or maybe more?  Maybe a secret agreement entered into months ago for yet again another attempted corporate takeover of the FUBAR reins? 

2.   the “shifty look” – signifying what?  Guilt in my book buddy.  I mean look at Mark, that guy did something - and it symbolizes either something detrimental for the FUBAR Upper Management or simply that - he has gas!?…




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Photo B. depicts Brian “my hair is such a” Messer conversing with none other than Steve “bummer of a last name” Hancock. Note two things here;

1.  The “shifty” look – now on Brian and of course signifying the guilt as he has just been caught by the FUBAR Press Corp. spreading "negative propaganda" about the FUBAR's. What are you thinking little Brian?….Hmmm.

2.  The “stare” – on Steve as he checks out the local “talent” and of course is completely ignoring Brian’s “crazy talk” of mergers and overthrow of the FUBAR Upper Management


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Photo C. depicts the Cyber Kid and HandJob conversing just moments after the “crazy talk” and the CEO/Founder gets the eye opener he needs to plan a defense against the coup which is sure to come.  Note a couple things here –

1. The “pass” - what exactly is the Cyber Kid doing with the left hand?  Is it a friendly gesture OR, … more likely counter espionage!  It is believed that the Cyber Kid in this photo is caught placing a “tracking device” on Handcock. - Alas, the hunter becomes the hunted…

2. Have you ever seen two more attractive people folks!? … I mean come on it should be illegal!



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Photo D. depicts Handball and a new participant Jesse “the psycho – now an angel” Rhodes in a very animated conversation.  Note a few things here…

1. FUBAR Press Corp. photo now confirms the placement of tracking device by the Cyber Kid… Nice job young jedi…

2. Jesse IS - as indicative of the halo and despite his multiple public displays to the contrary – an angel.

3. WHO’S FOOT IS THIS?   A patron of the establishment or, another participant in this evil scheme!?… Ah the plot thickens (dum dum dum dum daaaa…)



E.jpg (30688 bytes)


Photo E. depicts all the “known” players of this elusive and deadly game.  Note here a few things…

1. Jesse “the angel” has his right arm where?  Either he is tipping off Mark that the gig is up, or he’s grabbing Handbrake’s ass – which would explain the smile!

2. Notice Jesse’s left hand on Steve's bulging sweaty bicep!?... – my god guy’s, get a room!

3. Mark “the shark” is pulling a very good poker face to elude to the fact that the gig is indeed up!

4. Brian “the whole thing is such a” Messer is visibly shaken that the plan is falling apart and his co-conspirators are moments away from certain defeat… (or now he has gas!)

5. Damn that Cyber Kid is one good-looking dude.


F.jpg (28062 bytes)  

Photo F. (for FUBAR) depicts Brian and Mark engaged in what appears to be a very “serious” conversation.  Only recently has the FUBAR News Corp. received this transcript from the man with “one black shoe!?”


Brian – “Mark, dammit, they found out – the Handbrake failed and the angel spun out of control…we must concede our endeavor and live to fight another day…”

Mark – “Brian, who cares?…  We have each other, just kiss me dammit – just kiss me!….”


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       So there you have it, once again the FUBAR News Corporation has dodged another attempted overthrow and the CEO/Founder Dave the “Cyber Kid” has eluded the enemy yet again.  Until next quarter, this has been your faithful and always “sober” reporter, just making it up as I go along…

Dave “Cyber Kid”


FUBAR’S est. 1989

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