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CYBER KID Begins US Tour!

Dave the "Cyber Kid" at the helm of the Mighty MD-88 "MADDOG" (aka the "Tour Bird")

Hello FUBARians,

       How are my comrades doing this third quarter of 2009?  Writing to you from 30,000 feet, I must say, the second quarter of ’09 has been quite busy for the Cyber Kid & Co.  Having completed his International Tour, and due to popular demand, the Cyber Kid was “volunteered” to continue his tour stateside!?...

       On May 7th the Cyber Kid was to begin his month long training to prepare for the tour of North America and after 4 weeks of intensive training and grueling mental preparation, ending on the 7th of June, the Cyber Kid was cleared to begin his tour!  However, as soon as it began, the tour was temporarily put on hold as the Cyber Kid finished his first two city stops in Rochester, NY and Baltimore, MD when unexpectedly, the FUBAR Matriarch Dawn “I wear the Pants around here” came down with a medical emergency.  Taking the remainder of the month of June off and re-scheduling those tour dates, the Cyber Kid took care of the FUBAR Prince and Princess while Dawn returned to full strength.  “I swear the kids are out to kill me!?...  I have no idea what I’m doing!?...” the Cyber had reported to have commented when asked how the parenting was going.  So once again with “hard earned” dues money, the FUBAR Emergency Fund was tapped and the “Queen Mum” was rushed in to assist in the everyday FUBAR operations (and fence staining!?) -

With the UK team in place and no longer bootstrapped by the young FUBAR royalty, the Cyber Kid was able to enlist the help of a private Contractor (“Andrew the Aussie”) to help remodel and make the planned and much needed repairs to the FUBARHQ (Once again with dues money!? – Thx!)        


Shower ToolBox?!...


       So, after muscling through a few weeks of brutal central Texas heat, the FUBARHQ repairs/remodeling were complete.  With Dawn also back to near 100%, the Queen Mum returned to the UK, the Cyber Kid didn’t skip a beat and resumed touring in early July with a three city stop trip to Dallas, New York City, and Newark, NJ.  Fans were ecstatic with the FUBAR CEO back on the road and the media coverage was respectful.  The Cyber Kid closed out the month of July with stops in Dallas, TX, Newark, NJ, New York, NY, Raleigh, SC and Savannah, GA where, having gotten a copy of the itinerary, the paparazzi were back in full force!

       Continuing his bid for a Presidential run, the Cyber Kid, rolled into August, where FUBAR fans were able to meet the Cyber Kid (and Cheeky) where he made impromptu stops in cities such as Ft. Myers, FL, Williamsburg, VA and most recently Tucson, AZ pushing his agenda and the "VOTE FOR DAVE, GET FREE WINGS" campaign!?.... 

       Outside of that, the domestic flying schedule has been hectic, but OK as far as we can tell by the Cyber Kid’s reports he’s posted FACEBOOK. – Be sure to watch this space and FACEBOOK to look for a list of upcoming dates and last minute locations…

Cheeky campaigns w/ Heidi! (Tucson, AZ)


       In other FUBAR news, Mark “I’m always thinking!”  Avocado has developed a new brand of dog glasses for use on either dogs or “really” unattractive people.  “Doggles” as they have been dubbed allow your significant canine or ugly friend to hang out of that car window to enjoy the ride without fear of taking a smack to the ole’ eyeball!?...  The FUBAR Marketing Team (FMT) has been working with local pet store and ugly person shops to get these bad boys on the shelves as soon as possible!?...  Look for them in a store near you early fall ’09!?...   

       In any event that’s about it for the second quarter news!? 

Note:  As of posting there haven’t been any additional A.J. sightings?  “It’s been real quiet since we tasered him the last time” Jeff “Head of FUBAR Armed Forces” E had to say recently;  “He’s just been real quiet I guess.  We’re doing our best to find out exactly what he’s up too… can’t have him out there spooking people!”  He added…  We’ll of course keep you updated as soon as we get more info on this continuing story!?...

And just because we care, here’s yet another installment of WTF – enjoy!  (I detect a theme this quarter!?....)

Limo @ the .99 cent store - Tough Economy!?...

Bottom Line on a bag of peanuts - I should hope so!?...

Until next time, see you in 4th Quar. ‘09!!!

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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