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Ed "Stand By Me No More" Gordon given life!

       Yes my friends this was what the headlines read on August 12th, just 24 hours after Ed Gordon was vowed into an institution which would impose a life sentence on Ed.  The institution you ask?  Well it's the institution of marriage my friends and Ed wasn't the first FUBARian to be entered (or as some like to say - lured, trapped, and/or imprisoned) in this institution and he will of course not be the last.  Ed "scratching at the glass" Gordon was asked about his potential demise prior to the "blessed" event on August 11th.  Ed had these comments -

FNC - "Ed you looking forward to the big day?"

ED - "You bet"

FNC - "Got a nice day planned?"

ED - "You bet"

FNC - "Where you kids heading for you honeymoon?"

ED - "You bet"

FNC - "Ed are you under the influence of an alien presence which has taken over your ability for rational and cognitive thinking?

ED - "You bet"

       So there you have it, the man was not, nor is he, of sound mind and body.  I mean Kimberlee may want you to "believe" that Ed is in fact of his own mind but remember,  this is what she wants you to "believe?..."  Ever see that movie called THEY LIVE about the aliens that have been slowly taking over the planet and the little band of resistance fighter have sunglasses which allow them to "see" the aliens for what they really are?    Well, it's a good flick ED, go rent it buddy and get yourself a pair of RAY-BANS if you know what I mean?  I'm sure Kim is a great girl, heck the FNC even met her, but like Jabba the Hutt we are not easily swayed by the jedi mind tricks and dark influence!...  Oh, don't worry lady, you may have Ed "deer in headlights" Gordon wrapped around your little finger but we are on to you and we will be keeping our eye on one of our great sons.  We got your back buddy and keep in mind your not the only FUBAR to fall prey to this manifestation, many a great FUBAR have fallen to the whimsical ways of women and marriage - Hell just look at Kevin "I was once great" Russo, where the hell did he go anyway? anyone hear from him anymore?  We think Denise ate him personally, but that of course is still speculative...  Anyway, we must finish this transmission and move the camp before they find us - vive le' resistance...


On a serious note here, congrats Ed and Kim and FNC wishes you a great and happy life together and don't forget where your bread is buttered huh?  You're who you are because of the FNC (if anyone asks anyway!?...)


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Until next time, this has been again your faithful reporter and friend...

The Cyber Kid

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