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       That's right boys and girls, the Cyber Kid was released in mid-July to resume his flying duties.  Mainly, that consisted of getting back in the saddle and taking check-rides to ensure all was legal again.  One of the first trips back for our fearless leader was a trip to New York City, home to the Yankees, the best pizza and of course the Cyber Kid himself.

      Having found himself with a full day to venture downtown, the Cyber Kid along with a trusty, and cute, side-kick took in the sites.  Starting out in the Port Authority Bus Terminal, we ventured to Times Square for a quick STARBUCKS and tour of the new TOYS R' US store.  Then it was a chaotic taxi ride (with angriest Nairobian driver I ever met - if we got a quarter every time the driver said "F*** You Guy!" - we would've been rich!?...) down to GROUND ZERO (the television does not give justice to the enormity of that site when you are actually standing there- especially if you've been there pre 9-11.  It was a very eye-opening experience to say the least.)  After that, it was up to Union Sq. where I visited an old haunt of mine - THE FORBIDDEN PLANET (a comic shop that I used to hit every weekend) and then over to Washington Square Park, up to Canal Street and finally back to Times Square.  With the the temperature reaching 96 degreees with humidity at 46%, it was a full day to say the least. 

       Anyway, below you will see a picture of the Cyber Kid in Washington Square Park and clicking on any of the GROUND ZERO links will take you to the series of pictures taken at the site.  That's all I have and again, until next time, this has been your ever-faithful roving reporter

Dave "The Cyber Kid"

CEO/Founder - The Fubar's .est/ '89

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