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Hello FUBARians,

We hope all is well with you this mid-October?   Well it's been quite a hectic past couple months here at the FNC, especially with our fearless leader Dave 'The Cyber Kid' who had an interesting event happen to him at the end of September.  Just a few weeks ago, Dave "The Flight Guy" had a malfunction of the nose gear extension actuator which resulted in a failure of the nose gear to extend.  After many futile attempts to troubleshoot the problem, the Cyber Kid was left with only one option, to land the aircraft with only the main gear down and locked.

The FUBAR Aviation Division (FAD) was not at all surprised to learn the outcome of the incident was nothing more than a scraped underside of the nose and precautionary tear-down of the engines as he was able to shut them off prior to the nose impacting the runway; a testiment to Dave's twelve years of flying experience.  All in all it was the best possible outcome for the situation and Dave was rewarded with a case of BEvERages for his efforts.  

The FUBAR Accident and Transportation Safety Board (FATSB) investigating the incident have not ruled out foul play as part of their findings into the incident.  A spokesperson had this to say, "We are conducting a thorough investigation and as soon as we know if there was foul-play here, we will let you know."  When asked if they had any suspects, the spokesperson added, "Not at this time, but we understand Dave has had extensive dealings with various "tagged" individuals, including Mark "the Armadillo" Avellino, Chris "Sticky Thumbs" Roth and the Russo Crime Family.  We are looking at all of these persons and others as to a motive and they will be brought in for questioning if and only if the case takes that route.  Until then, we have nothing further."

The FNC have begun there own investigation into the incident and as we learn more, so we shall pass it onto you, our loyal comrades.  During out initial investigation however, it should be noted, that the FNC learned that Jeff "The Film Critic" Engel was suddenly called into work around the same time as The Cyber Kid's incident.  Eyewitnesses say they also observed an argument between Dave and Mr. Engel only a couple days before in which the two men argued about dog behaviors.  Jeff was said to have been "quite miffed" as one person put it.

Other witnesses say they saw Mr. Engel and the Cyber Kid the very day of the incident at the airport only a few hours before the flight having lunch and that they were both "jovial" but the whole thing was suspicious as Jeff, "never comes to this FBO, but maybe it was the free food today?" said one source.  FNC has tried, unsuccessfully, to reach Mr. Engel for comment, but as of time of printing, he refuses to return our calls.  The details at this point are, sketchy at best, but we are working the case 24-7.

So, until we know more, we have turned our findings over to the FATSB for further investigation and will continue to conduct our own in-house assessment.  As soon as the details become clearer, we will provide you with the info.

Once again, this has been your faithful and loyal news service bringing you only the crap you sort of want to read.  Until next time, once again, stay out or trouble, we're watching you (especially you Jesse!).

Dave CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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