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What is the Cyber Kid doing up North?

Dave "The Cyber Kid" in "The Land of the Midnight Sun." - Resolute Bay, NWT (circa 2006)

       Hello my fine feathered friends; Hope everyone is doing well after the second quarter 2006.  It was a uneventful (and unusually quiet) quarter for the FNC after The FUBAR Executive Board (Aka The FEB) sent the Cyber Kid up to the Arctic Circle!  When asked about this logistical move, Board member Mark "Red Pill" Avellino said this in a press conference; "Well, quite frankly, we needed a break from the guy.  I mean he never stops and what's with all the phone calls in the middle of the night?!  Geez!"  When asked if the true reason behind the mysterious trip was to thwart a possible assassination attempt by Jeff "QUIT MAKING FUN OF ME" Engel, Avellino commented;  "I cannot confirm that speculation."  "So you do not deny it either?"  "Um...  I've got to go..."  Avellino was then seen grabbing his copy of "One Pill, Blue Pill; Red Pill, Truth Pill? - A case study in big government." and exiting the conference under armed guard.  Jeff "QUIT IT" Engel was unavailable for comment as our reporter was forced off of his North Texas compound after two warning shots were fired across the roof of his car...

       So the question still remains; Just what was Dave doing all the way up in the arctic anyway?  It seems the FUBAR Upper Management are keeping a tight lid on the details and so we can only speculate.  Was he doing more of the previously alleged alien research covered up by this "supposed" NASA work he does?  Was he looking for a solution to global warming?  Was he causing global warming (Mark has always said he's full of a lot of hot air!)?  Was he merely on a sabbatical and trying to "find" himself (No we didn't say "touch" - calm down Gordo!)  But we here at the FNC don't think it was any of these, we think he was up there "hunting." That's what we said, "hunting."  -  Just recently, the FNC has come into possession of the following photo, take it for what it is but you can draw you're own conclusions...



       So, there you have it?  NASA my @$$ Cyber Kid, you freakin' poacher!  Or as the natives call him, "Captain Hook!  So there you go.  Anyway, in other FUBAR news, FUBAR Hall of Famers Dave "Softball God", Jeff "E-rrorless" Engel and A.J. "Why am I not in the Hall yet" Berlotti were reunited earlier this year to play some ball.  Seen below is the toxic trio in all their glory...

Cyber Kid, A.J. and Engel (holding "Green Destiny") pre-game

Engel askew... (and a bit fuzzy - get a razor!)

       So there you have it, all the goings on in FUBARland, or at least what WE want you to "think" is going on in FUBARland.  Until next time, when we barrage Jeff even more (if that's possible?) we'll just leave you with this little gem...


Jeff "Chuck "E" Cheesy" at his new job as a "chopper-bike-thingy" pilot!


       Man, is "E" having a good time or what?  Look at that smile and to think we had to "force" him up there!  And hey!  Who's that girl over Jeff's right shoulder?  Perhaps she's out to get us all?  Mark, What do you think?  :o)  Anyway, I guess we'll get to the bottom of that conspiracy when we resume our broadcast day?  So, until the next 25 cents this has been again you're (n)ever truthful but ever ruthless reporter - 

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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