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Four words - "POSITIVE RATE, GEAR UP!"

Dave the "Cyber Kid" in the "Bullpen" getting ready to play in the majors!

              Hello Fubarians and "occasional" visitors,  How are you this second (and a half) quarter of '08?  Well let us tell you, it's been an extremely busy and action-packed first quarter '08 for the FUBARians and FUBAR Organization!?  Aside from the continued growth of the newest member of the FUBAR Family Organization (FFO) it has been - brutally hectic.  So, what's been going on? Well, be sure to take a seat as we shed some light on the major shake-up at the FUBARHQ! -

So riddle me this? - What is 176 feet long?  156 feet wide?  Holds 250+ passengers and can weigh over 200 tons (400,000 pounds)?

Answer - The Boeing 767!  (Which also happens to be the home of the Cyber Kid's shiny new office!)  

       So, the FUBARHQ Empire began the 2008 year with an invitation to our dedicated and loyal CEO Dave "The Cyber Kid" by a Major Air Line. Apparently word has gotten out about the "skills" the Cyber Kid possesses and well, they extended an invitation for the Kid to try out for the "big boys."  After a grueling two day process, the Cyber Kid was extended an offer to "join" the Airline elite!  So, immediately accepting the opportunity, the Cyber Kid was called for training just a mere two weeks later and began his indoc. on St. Pat's 2008!  With nearly no breaks, the Kid began a total immersion into Boeing 757/767 aircraft, it's systems, maneuvers and Air Line operations.  Completing his training on May 11th with a 757/767 Type Rating, the Cyber Kid is now fully rating and trained to "play" in the majors.  So, once complete with IOE (Initial Operating Experience), the Cyber Kid will be traveling International and jet-setting around the world!  However, where does this leave our organization and how will it impact FUBARHQ Operations and the fate of the organization?  The answer in short is - "It's won't"  At least that's what the "Cyber Kid" was quoted saying at a recent press conference when he dropped the news to reporters -

"... I am both honored and excited about this offer extended to me and it is my intention to pursue this opportunity afforded to me by the majors.  But please, I want to reiterate how important the FUBARHQ, FUBAR News Corporation and the entire FUBAR organization is to me.  So, with that said, I will continue to maintain my position as CEO of the FUBAR Empire and provide you with the best FUBAR News, content and updates, delivery and maintaining the great product you've come to know, love and rely everyday!"

       Received to a standing ovation, The Cyber Kid's words helped to rejuvenate the silent room.  Shockwaves from his announcement were felt on Wall Street and investors, were obviously content with the CEO's as the FUBARHQ Corp. rallied in late day trading and rose 12% before the market closed Friday!

"It's good for everyone..."  Mark "I see opportunity" Armadillo said after the press conference; "... It's like any relationship.  You need a break once in a while and with the Cyber Kid out of the pic. 'er... I mean, off at the majors.  It's nothing but good news for me 'er I mean the "organization" as a whole.  It will allow the FUBAR Organization to run more fluidly and with more stability but with more autonomy - that's a good thing.  A stable Organization that can basically weather any storm ...  and besides, it'll be nice to get a reprieve from that overbearing little Dictator for a change..." "UM, Mr. Armadillo, the microphone is still on!?" ... "DAMMIT!"   So, until more news on the matter, we'll continue to monitor the future developments of this story and the Cyber Kid's venture into the world of major airlines!   Watch this space is all we can say!?... 

       In other news, Despite the hectic schedule and high demand for his time, the Cyber Kid and FUBAR Upper Management's - Game Evaluation, Examination and Knowledge (GEEK) Team was still able to release the new game - The Sun Never Sets (TSNS) Be sure to check out the DARTH M site for all the news about this new strategy game and the BASIC rules located at the HOBBY/COMPUTERS area for download!

       Other than that, not much else as the Cyber Kid has been deep in hiding trying to learn all there is about what the guys with thick glasses and bad hair (engineers) at Boeing were thinking when they built the 767!  But despite that, he (the Cyber Kid) did find the time to make some revolutionary (well, much needed) upgrades to the FUBARHQ Photo Galleries!  Be sure to check out all the photos on ALEX & JESSICA'S pages, My AVIATION Adventures, ARTWORK (in DARTH M Hobbies) and the FOTQ Archives to see the new look.  Complete with arrow navigation, download capability and a slideshow, the new look is sure to please FUBAR fans everywhere!?...  Maybe  "We've been looking, egging actually, for a solution for quite some time and happy to say, we think we've found it!" Jeff "Eggman" E, newly appointed (as of 2 minutes ago) Head of FUBAR Fan Relations (HoFFR)

       So, that's about all we have for you this Quarter.  Be sure to check out the DARTH M news for more Little Dude and Little Rabbit (aka Alex & Jessica) photo's and try out the new photo navigation interface!

       So my beloved supporters, that's about all the news there is to "fiction" - 'er we mean "report" this quarter.  If you didn't find anything of value this time around, keep in mind what you pay for subscription services and remember, there is always next quarter (give or take a month) - so check back.  Oh, and again, here's another installment of the FUBAR News Corporation's new segment; WTF...

Start w/ Mark's shirt - "Do I Know You?!!" ... Are a Dork! - Yes. Look!

How do you dress up a $3000 train layout - $20 inflatable dinosaurs!?

      OK, switched back to full caffeine - most nights anyway!?  Until next quarter, this has again been your faithful servant,

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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