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Hello FUBARians,

Well, it was only a matter of time before it would happen.  And happen it did.  FUBAR Action Figures!  That's right kids.  With the growth of the FUBAR Mega-pire and continued successes of the FUBAR Franchise, FUBAR Multimedia has teamed up with the best action figure designers to bring you some of your favorite FUBAR HAll of Famers.  

Series 1, extremely limited (a total production run of 4), was released last week.  Featured are four famous FUBARians with each figure representing the growth of the FUBAR franchise in all their high detail.  Featured players are -

#5 Mark "The Shark" Avellino, batting in the 1996 uniform

#23 Dave "The Cyber Kid" Moeder, fielding in the 1994 uniform

#7 Jeff "K master" Engel, fielding in the 1992 uniform and the ultra rare,

# 3 Bill "Thrillseeker" Moeder, fielding in the Jesse James uniform from New York.

Collectors are up in arms due to the limited numbers, but FNC has not yet made a final decision when/if these figures will be released with a larger run.  FUBAR Founder/CEO Dave "The Cyber Kid" had this to say,

"I think they're great.  Whether or not anyone will run out to their local WAL MART, or comic/collectible dealer if they are easy to come by is hard to say.  Our marketing research says they will be in demand and the fans will want them, but we're looking into it more.  We like the aspect of limited numbers and higher demand to drive the prices up for the die-hard collectors* of FUBAR merchandise."

*Referring of course to last years buzz on eBay when "The Cyber Kid's" one and only signed copy of the FUBARchives (a collection of fine journalism) fetched an impressive 1.79 cents in a heated and controversial auction.

Who knows what will come of the FUBAR figure line, but for now, fans can only take a glimpse at the sure to be Christmas "must have" toy of 2004.  For more details, feel free to contact your favorite FUBAR and only reporter, the Cyber Kid.

Click to see the FUBAR FIGURES HERE!!!!    

Until next time, enjoy the new FOTQ and MOVIE REVIEWS.

Talk later,

Dave CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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