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Hello FUBARians, welcome to the first quarter of 2005...

       Well so far it's been a busy year end/beginning.  Alex (Future FUBAR "Hall of Famer") took a trip to jolly old England with "Mummy" for a pre-X-mas visit while The Cyber Kid stayed back to watch the animals and work on a type-rating.  After a quiet X-mas in Dallas, 2005 came roaring in as the FNC rang in New Year's Eve with a stomach virus, causing the FNC CEO/Founder to cancel it's New Year's eve festivities (On the upside, the virus was only 24 hours and I felt great on Jan 1st, unlike most of America I presume?)

       In baby news, Alex aka "Flash" has discovered crawling and is all over the place.  It's amazing how fast he can move when you leave him for just mere seconds.  Put him in the middle of the floor and within 30 seconds, he can be either... Off standing at the couch, looking for a good toy, chasing a dog (or three) or discovering that he is strong enough to lift the dog's FULL water bowl and shake it, spilling water all over the kitchen floor. (That was fun!  Not!)  Other than that, he's always pulling himself up, balancing and of course teething, enduring the top 4 as they "slowly" push there way through, Alex was heard last night saying, "COME on TEETH!  HURRY UP, This SUCKS!" (translated from crying of course.)  On the upside, the Cyber Kid's Kid attended his first comic book convention and by the look of it was just overwhelmed by all the excitement (or perhaps knocked out by one of the Imperial Stormtroopers running rampant throughout the venue.  "Bad Stormtrooper!")  The Cyber Kid was of course unscathed in the assault!  One eyewitness was quoted as saying, "Dude, that guy used his kid as a shield!  What an @$$hole!"

       Anyway enough convention madness - In other news, the Cyber Kid was off doing a NASA stint, chasing an experimental balloon for the NSBF in January and the Conquest and Hawker continue to keep us busy.  FNC was, during this NASA work as well, faced with the realization that the Pittsburgh Steelers, after a 15-1 season, were to be denied a Super Bowl birth (yet again), losing miserably to the New England Patriots in the AFC championship.  Guess there's always next year huh?  (Dammit!)

       Well, that's about it thus far (as I can't think of anything else or make anything up at the moment!?)  FNC hopes 2005 is treating everyone well and you have recovered from your mass quantities of BEvERages on Dec. 31st.  Don't forget to check out new pics of ALEX, new content throughout the website and of course stop by the Rhodes Wing as well -  www.FUBARHQ.com/RHODES.htm  


Until next time, your always honest (mostly) reporter -

Dave "The Cyber Kid"

CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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