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Hello FUBARians, welcome to second quarter 2004...

Well, it happened.  The biggest quarter in FUBAR history.  Dave "The Cyber Kid" finally had a kid.  How scary is that?  Still not as scary as the fact that Jesse "The Psycho" Rhodes has one too!  

I mean that guy told me, "Dude.  You HAVE to get one of these carriers.  Totally free's up the drinkin' hand!...Sweet!"

(Emma is totally tuned in to that bottle....  "mmm...beer...")


 For more info about the new offspring, future FUBAR Hall of Famer, Alex the "Wonder Kid"  jump over to the DARTH M section (or click the freakin' link right here.)

Next, with the continued growth of the FUBAR Mega-pire, FUBAR Upper Management (e.g. Cyber Kid and Alex) decided to re-vamp the FUBAR HQ websites.  The FUBAR News Corporation, FUBAR News Annex (aka FUBARHQ), DARTH M, and Atomic Puppy sites have all been joined.  Featuring a new navigation bar to the left where you can go (by sections) to your favorite FUBAR pages and many other features, including (but not limited to) -

1. No more banner ads

2. A functional message board

3. A live chat room

4. Actual music from the Cyber Kid's solo endeavor - ATOMIC PUPPY

There's so much potential now that the sites are combined, it just makes it that much easier.  All your favorite topics and "sites" are there, just now they are "sections" of the same beast.  Feel free to browse, explore and enjoy the enigma that is The FUBARS (and the Cyber Kid!)

Lastly, Dave "The Cyber Kid" on one of his many "business" trips was up in Denver, CO a few weeks back and met up with former FUBAR Championship Captain Scott "The Horrible" Hager.  Having seen last quarters FUBAR Figure line, Scott was a bit miffed that he was not included in the inaugural figure line-up.  That said, FNC told Scott that the only reason that they didn't have him featured was, frankly, we don't really like him all that much! :o)  Joking aside, FNC, went back to FHQ (FUBAR Headquarters for you who have your head in the sand) in Dallas, TX and set about to remedy the situation - right the wrong that was done to Scott.  So, without any more delay, FUBAR HQ is proud to present the FUBAR Figures -Series 2!  Series 2, like Series, 1 is extremely limited (with a total production run of 5) and was released last month.  These scaled figures are true to likeness and Series 2 features five of your favorite FUBARians from the FUBAR Hall of Fame -

#1 Chris "Cy Young" Roth, batting in the 1994 uniform

#36 Kevin "Wild Thing" Russo, batting in 1992 uniform

#8 Scott "Hagar" Hager, batting in the 1996 uniform

#30 Ed "Gordo" Gordon, batting in the 1992 uniform

#23 Dave "Cyber Kid" Moeder, fielding in the 1996 uniform (2nd in a line of Founder/CEO figures)

See FUBAR Series 2 figures <click here> 

Collectors are still up in arms due to the limited numbers, but FNC has still not yet made a final decision when/if these figures will be released with a larger run.  FUBAR Founder/CEO Dave "The Cyber Kid" had this to say,

"Man, Series 2 is just as good as Series 1.  The fans are goin' crazy for these things.  You can forget the Cabbage Patch, Power Ranger, and Ninja Turtle craze of the 80's and 90's.  These figures are sure to create a frenzy and will be the must have toy for the 21st century.  Like I said before, the aspect of limited numbers and higher demand, will drive the prices up for the die-hard collectors* of FUBAR merchandise."

*Referring to last years buzz on eBay when "The Cyber Kid's" one and only signed copy of the FUBARchives (a collection of fine journalism) fetched an impressive 1.79 cents in a heated and controversial auction.

Bona fide FUBAR historians were quick to note however the inconsistency with the figures and their false representation to true-life players.  Dave "The Cyber Kid" had this to say, when one "observant" (Dork @$$) asked this question at the press conference.

Dork - "Um, Mr. Cyber Kid.  Why are all the Series two figures batting lefty when the actual players were righties?" 

Dave had this reply, "It's simple.  We made a command decision.  The figures are painstakingly recreated through a process by which photographs are analyzed, digitized, then a 3D model is created allowing an injection mold to be designed.  We sent the modelers the photographs and they were working on a few different figure projects for the FUBARS.  One such venture (cancelled) was a line of SUDDEN IMPACT figures based upon Chris "Cy Young" Roth's 3 time Championship Co-Ed team which was fielded with male players of the FUBARS.  In that league, all FUBARS were required to bat opposite hand.  In other words, the modelers screwed up and used the "incorrect" molds for the co-ed line for Series 2, but with the release date of Series 2 rapidly approaching, we (me) here at Upper Management decided that it was the likeness of the figure and the release that was more important, so we went with the lefty version, in FUBAR uniforms.  Technically it's not incorrect because all these guys could swing both ways.  Especially Chris, man we wonder about that guy sometimes!?...  Anyway, does that answer suffice?

Dork (aka Jeff Engel) - "Uh, yeah, sure, I guess so."

Well, there you have it.  Feel free to go to the FIGURE  Series 1 and FIGURE Series 2 pages and see these masterpieces for yourself.  Take note of the little nuances that were carefully re-created, like Gordo's "Steeler" helmet, Roth's "UNC" helmet and Hager's "Rockies" helmet.

So, my faithful FUBARians, until next quarter, or whenever I get my lazy butt to update this site, enjoy the little things...


Dave CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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