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Cyber Kid and Little Dude; Supporters of the Imperial Army?  You decide...

Imperial Stormtrooper, Darth M, Little Dude and yet another Stormtrooper  (ComicCon 7 - Apr '06)

FNC Note - We believe "Little Dude" might be held as an "Imperial Supporter" against his will - he looks a little uncertain here?...


       Hello my comrades and welcome to the end of the first quarter of 2006.  Not much has been transpiring lately, well except for Jeff - "-riatric" E hitting the big 35yr. milestone; celebrated with abandon by consuming 2 whole cakes, a tub of ice-cream and 9 devilled eggs.  and as well, there has been a few other developments...  Oh right... "What are they you ask?"  Well let us tell you.  If you recall, we had promised that we would explain the following photos to you last quarter...

       Well, let's just break them down then shall we?...

       Exactly what is happening here is still a little unclear to FNC officials.  Jeff "E.T." Engel was still engaged in an obvious "alien probing" experiment when A.J. "I'm gonna distract you" Berlotti was caught by a FUBAR News paparazzi in mid swing of what was certain to be a major skull crusher!  

       Jeff "I've eaten too much cake!" Engel was in no shape to avoid the blow and sustained a ... well a major skull crushing!  

       When asked about the incident, all A.J. could say was  - "He needed a beatin'."  Jeff was unavailable for comment until roughly 36 "Russo*" minutes after the incident.  

* Russo's number was/is 36!  Duh!

       In this photo, taken after the 36 "Russo*" minutes we have nothing more to say than Jeff "I'm a big baby" took comfort in a little green stuffed animal - he affectionately called "Roswell?"  Interesting choice of name if you ask the FNC but, it did seem to provide him comfort especially during all the drooling and muttering about his "Mommy."  A.J. was heard laughing his @$$ off somewhere off camera.  Jeff of course, as seen in this photo "believes" he emerged "victorious!?" No one had the heart to tell him he got schooled in a major third grade way!  Oh well, poor "E."  What is the FNC going to do with him? - Please send you're ideas to the FUBAR Dumb Ideas for what to do with "E" contest.  Winners will receive absolutely nothing but the honor of having determined the fate of "What to do with "E."

* Do we really have to tell you AGAIN what it means?

PS - Who's arm is this in the picture?  Can you smell a conspiracy? - Mark?

       Now, what do we have here?  It is definitely the Cyber Kid but where is he?  A command center of some kind but, what kind?  

Eureka - we've got it!  After close scrutiny and analysis of this photo in the FUBAR News Corp. Photo Analysis Lab (FNC-PAL)  We have been informed that what we are in fact looking at is the rumored - FUBAR "Personnel" Command Center.  The FPCC is rumored to be where the Cyber Kid has been suspected of sending bio-molecular, subliminal commands to various members of the FUBAR Upper Management.  However without further information, it's impossible to determine from this photo alone what these "commands" could be?  Is the Cyber Kid controlling the minds of various FUBARians, using them as "pawns" for some deviant purpose or is he just merely "observing?"  It certainly would explain some of the actions of certain FUBARs of late as well as the sudden re-emergence of the A.J.!  Thankfully however, the members of this publication have not been infiltrated and we will be certain to Ow! - Arghh!... <radio hiss/popping/beeping sounds> 

       ... What ... was ...I ...saying ...just ...then? ... I ... am ... sorry ... I ... have ... been ... incorrect. ... The ... Cyber ... Kid ... is ... not ... controlling ... our ... ... your ... minds. ... Thank ... you ...   \

       Man, my freakin' head is killin' me.  Wonder what just happened there?  Think I got a shock through my headset?  Wow, Anyway, what was I saying?...  Oh, right.  So the Cyber Kid may be sending sublimi - OW! <radio hiss/popping/beeping sounds> ... tons of great new content to you, our beloved FUBARians.  So be sure to check out the following at FUBARHQ - There's new News, a new FOTQ, and of course loads of new pictures and now a newly added VIDEO clips page in the ALEX section.  

       Well folks, until next time, this has been your ever faithful pawn - <radio hiss/popping/beeping sounds> ... 'uh? Reporter,

Dave CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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