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(Original date of event - Fourth Quarter 2005)

FUBAR Legends - Steve "Hand-job", Mark "Armadillo", Brian "Captain Caveman" and The Cyber Kid at the Ocean Deck '05


       So it's been a busy end of '05 and there were so many news worthy items.  We'll continue with the annual FUBAR reunion in good old Daytona Beach, FL.  In attendance were the staples, Dave and Mark as well as the toxic twins - Brian and Steve.  The event started off with a twist as FUBAR Upper Management Dave and Mark ran into Brian and Steve who were frolicking in the ocean?...  After toweling each other off, the toxic twins took some time to pose for a few pictures...   Oh and and I almost forgot - "Hand-job" ate a jellyfish!

Round Stud, Thin Stud, Mini-Stud, Old Stud and Stud

MMMM, tastes like chicken... slimy, smelly stingy chicken!

       After the shenanigans at the beach, The toxic twins disappeared for a "shower" and the Cyber Kid, Armadillo and Co. made way for food - Rendezvous was scheduled for the Deck at 2100 hours...  Arriving at the deck, the usual suspects were abound and Steve, feeling a bit frisky said that he "really" missed Mark...

       Mark had no comment except to order another Beam and Coke and just , "Go with the flow."  "Man, you just never know about these two?"  Armadillo said to the paparazzi who met him outside the bar later that evening with a barrage of flash bulbs.  The Cyber Kid couldn't agree more and mentioned that he got "a few bills" for this tasty photo during some of the mayhem later in the evening (see right.)

       So after a night of many BEvERages and dragging out late, the FUBARS agreed to meet for the first annual alumni softball tournament  (which was NOT widely advertised.)  And so at the extremely early time of 1000, the boys showed up to a field of 4 determined players - Ourselves.  Hanging around for a little over 30 minutes produced approximately 18 "able" bodied players - three of which were the grounds keepers but hey, we were playing a game in any event.  The FUBARS played against some fraternity (insert three random Greek letters here) and was of course victorious by a score of 10-8 which was attributed directly to the outstanding batting of Brian "The Caveman" and the quick, always amazing, recruiting of The Cyber Kid - picking up three outstanding additions (One of them 70+ years old!)  "Hey I can spot a winner every time" the Cyber Kid was quoted as saying.  However recruitment was nit without it's downside as one of our recruited payers, who shall remain nameless (Nicole), Steve took a fancy too and thus gave up shortstop to "go play in the outfield and give the other guys some time at short." - Gotcha good buddy - loud and clear.  So, despite Steve "Blind as a bat" Ham-bone in centerfield watching the balls fly by, the boys (and couple girls) came out on top - as usual.  

       It was a good time and most fun playing with some of the old team again - Although everyone kept ribbing the Cyber Kid yelling, "That's a hit!"  Bunch of punks, I went 2 for 4 with 2 Runs and 3 RBI's - see if I pad their stats ever again.  What's that Brian?  How did you do?  Oh let me see, by my calculations, you were... oh OK, here it is - You sucked and you owe us each $20!

The Boys show field Pride The FUBARS REUNION TEAM 2005 Nicole and Steve

       So the FUBAR WAR MACHINE powered down for the afternoon and again set a Rendezvous time of 2100 hours at the Deck.  Another night of camaraderie and machismo resulted in of course many more stories for the Cyber Kid memoirs, but most memorable of them is the enigma that is Steve "Hand-Job" (Toxic Twin 2 of 2.)  Steve (self-proclaimed - "Cool 1") lived up to his infamous name with just 48 hours in state and out of the gate like a stallion ready to go and the Philly's were everywhere (not that we're implying anything but here's the photos.) - Let's take a tally shall we - 

1. Armadillo 2. Nicole 3. Deana 4. Hurricane Relief
5. Toxic Triplets Anyone? 6. I love The KID! 7. Hola Senorita 8. Hello shirt girl...


       By my count that put him at 0 for 8!  Maybe he should owe us money instead of Brian?  However, The Cyber Kid and Armadillo didn't venture out with the boys Saturday night, but meeting for dinner at a gourmet restaurant (and by "gourmet," we mean The Outback - No rules, Just Right) we saw him dressed here (see right) and figured he'd was sure to score?  

       Yup, the Hand-job was sure to nab a few more vic .... 'er I mean unsuspect... No; Ladies.  That's right, ladies.  Perfectly innocent, "girl next door" type ladies...  Just someone to hold hands with, walks on the beach, that sort of thing.

       When asked about the attire, Mark "The Armadillo" had this to say - "Can you say "Holy floral trousers BATMAN!"  And you definitely can't wear a shirt like that up north, wind will tear right through that thing and give you cold teats if you know what I'm saying.  No, that my friend is "Gen-U-Ine" Southern gear...  for the ladies of course!?"

       Anyway, after much harassment and a meal they even paid for, Mark and the Cyber Kid were ushered (and by "ushered" we mean shoved) out the door by the Toxic Twins, told they had a great time, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... Oh, and if I remember correctly told, "Don't call us, we'll call you."

       So, that's it, end of the story.  Haven't spoken to either of them since ... <tear> ... 

       I miss them so much... :o(


       A side note, remember "The Kiss" photo you could buy from the gift shop of The Caveman and Armadillo back in Reunion '01?  Well, we got an update for you folks.   That's right, another FNC exclusive brought to you here.  Now, keep in mind that due to contractual obligations, we can only show you a portion of the footage (just a frame or two prior as we did in the past) but it's still just as incriminating - 

In 2001, Mark said "We have each other..."

In 2006 - "You had me at Hello!" (8X10 glossy's will still cost ya $29.99 in the gift shop)

       Isn't love great?  Two people just so into each other that the rest of the world seems to just float away into nothingness around them?...<PUKE>   Sorry, off the chain there for a moment.  OK, that's the FUBAR Reunion story, so now what?  You want more?  <Cheers>  I say I can't hear you... Do you want more?  <Cheers>  Well then, get on back to the FHQ NEWS slacker and read that, or the NEWS over at the Cyber Kids DARTH M section even (There's lots of goodies to digest there as well... maybe?)

Back to the NEWS
Over to DARTH M News

       Oh yeah, almost forgot while in FL, we found out where Hoffa's been all these years -

Anyway, Until next time - 

Your ever loyal, FUBAR News reporter (always catching the hot stories no matter the cost to himself) -

Dave "Cyber Kid" - CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989


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