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So here’s the news then…

       Two weeks after the events of September 11th, 2001.   FUBAR Founder Dave “The NYer” was able to take a trip to Minneapolis, MN on a business trip where he was met by FUBAR alumni Brian “I’m still a” Messer and his lively wife and FUBAR Ultimate Fan Danielle.  Brian of course had no idea that the great legend would be in town, but was still able to swing a rendezvous at Hooter’s and a softball game for the kid to play in. After hunting down a sports store and some clothes, the boys were back in the saddle.  Darth M would of course show his true form by playing “walk-on” shortstop and batting 3 for 4 with 1 run in the game.  Brian “The Cannon” Messer of course has lost absolutely nothing from his throwing power and according to Messer’s agent is still being scrutinized and denying allegations of having a bionic implant fitted back in 1992.  “Hey man, I just have a good arm, what can I say?”  said Messer.  FNC had no comment except to say, “Brian is welcome back to the organization anytime – that is unless he puts on a couple hundred pounds!  In that case, he can go do commercials for SUBWAY the fat @$$” Brian would of course go 3 for 4 as well with 2 runs.  The boys would battle hard and in the end win by one run in extra innings.  At one point Brian said to Dave “Just like playing with the FUBAR’s again huh?”  To which Dave replied, “Yeah, except with 8 other guys I don’t know!?…”

       Post game festivities were held at APPLEBEE’s where FUBAR Ultimate Fan (who wasn’t even at the game I might add) and wife to Brian – Danielle was met.  Danielle of course made a statement to the FNC, “Look you @$$O$, my Brian DID NOT have any from of performance enhancing surgery.  He works just fine in the bedroom and I have to say that… Ooooooh, you said his throwing arm!? …   Never mind, I have no comment about that subject and I can neither confirm nor deny any allegations about his “throwing arm.”  Now if you want to know about the “little general”  I’m your girl…”  With That Dani was escorted away for pictures with the FUBAR Press Corp.

       So, needless to say, Pictures were taken throughout the day (see some below) and are available for a small fee. 

       The next day Dave (FUBAR News Corporation Founder & CEO) was to return to FUBAR News Corporation Headquarters in Dallas as work dictated such and besides, the funds were running low and have been a bit limited these days without the annual dues and all!  Anyway, FNC hopes to see more of you at the FUBAR/ERAU Annual Homecoming Reunion and Drunken Orgy. (or FUBAR/ERAU AHRDO)

       For those unable to attend, please watch these pages for updates.  So until next time, this has been again your faithful reporter and comrade bringing you only the news that matters.

Until next time,

Dave "Cyber Kid"

Founder FUBAR’s est. 1989

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Brian "The Cannon", Dani the "Ultimate Fan" and the "Cyber Kid"

The "Cyber Kid" and Brian "Hey watch my hands?" at Hooter's

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