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Hello FUBARians, welcome to third quarter 2004...

       Well, I'm still alive.  4 months ago, "The biggest quarter in FUBAR history" according to FUBARHQ News, FUBAR Future Hall of Famer Alex "Mini Cyber Kid" was born and thus it has been, for the most part, a pleasurable and rewarding experience.  New words and phrases had to be introduced (gingerly) into the FUBAR vocabulary with their new altered meanings.  Things such as dirty diaper, formula (not math), pacifier (not Beer), onesy (also not math) and wash the nipples (not in the good way) were among them.  Oh, to be a parent - good thing I had Engel to practice on all those years!  What would I have done? Well at least the diapers are easier now anyway.  :o)  Kidding aside,  Alex and mom are doing great, Dawn's a natural, and according to her, I'm "just about useless." :o)  Well at least I can make formula (carry the "onesy", divide, by... huh, what - dammit!  Not math.  Not math.)  Anyway, I'm getting by, and Dawn is plugging along.  Alex, he's loving every minute of it.

       Anyway, what's been going on at cmap FUBARHQ besides the nurturing and caring of Alex, well the FUBAR Upper Management decided to call a meeting of the minds.  A Captains meeting to end all Capt. meetings.  In attendance were Scott "The Horrible" Hager and The Cyber Kid.  (Mark "The Shark" Avellino, Kevin "I was captain for a week" Russo, and Ed "I was captain for almost three weeks" Gordon were not invited.)

       Various topics were discussed and of course, BEvERages were involved (actually they weren't but it makes better news!)  Anyway, The gentlemen discussed everything and nothing and would like to know just how Mark "DAMMIT!" Avellino, could yet again blow a championship for the team.  Adding yet another red feather in his FUBAR cap.  (The first one, a big vulture type one, was losing the FUBAR name back in '98 - No Mark, a FUBAR never forgets...)  Anyway, the boys hooked up in the DFW area for this little shin-dig and of course Hooter's was involved (already visited however, so didn't count it again :o)

clockwise from bottom left: - Hooter's girl, Hooter's girl, Friendly Hooter's girl, Hooter's babe, The Cyber Kid, Scott "The Stalker" Hager, Brunette Hooter's Girl Head, Blonde Hooter's Cutie, and finally, you guessed it - another Hooter's Girl.  Moral here - Hooter's Girls love the FUBARS!  (A picture is worth a thousand words...which we won't type here!?)

       Anyway, pretty much nothing was accomplished, but we had fun anyway.  The Cyber Kid did give Scott some grief for instigating the new line of FUBAR FIGURES (Series 2) featuring him and yet, he hadn't even seen them!  "Dude, you complain about not having a FUBAR figure in the inaugural line-up and then you don't even bother to check out the one we designed in Series 2!?  Nice, that's just great!"  Anyway, he's all about the Hager figure now though!  Oh yeah.  Selling like mad on the eBay.  Not as popular as the Cyber Kid Figures or the Avellino and Engel lines, but they are moving somewhat.  "Dude, that's awesome."  Was all Scott could say (cause that's all we felt like making up!)

Anyway, that's about it gang.  Back to the grind and dont' forget all the new and exciting goings on at FUBARHQ.  Remember, the FUBAR News Corporation, FUBAR News Annex (aka FUBARHQ), DARTH M, and Atomic Puppy sites have all been joined.  Featuring a new navigation bar to the left (color coded by sections) linking you to your favorite FUBAR pages and don't forget - No more banner ads, The new message board, A live chat room, and  actual music from the Cyber Kid's solo endeavor - ATOMIC PUPPY

Anyway, lots of goodies here - you could kill all amounts of your employer's time here!  So don't sit there and work when you can delve deep into the FUBARHQ WEB and have much more fun! ...  

Till next time, your always faithful reporter and trench mate...

Dave CEO/Founder FUBAR's est.1989

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