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       In our STORYTIME this quarter we've decided to take a look at Dave "Cyber Kid" M's picture and classmates from his elementary school days in New York City. We here at FNC feel that if we can analyze the behavioral patterns of many of his classmates from that era, we can learn a great deal about why Dave is...well the way he is. So without further adieu, here we go...

Dave the "Cyber Kid" - 3rd Grade Class 1979-1980

So let's just pick a few specimens from here shall we?....

       Ok, can't remember the name of this person but HOLY CRAP man that's a girl. Imagine her angry huh?!... Uh can you say "No Thanks!?" There are times when I think "god if I was trapped in a dark alley with someone" - This Would Not BE The Person I Chose!!!! 

       Theresa M - Can you say "Party Girl?" Oh yeah baby, the wild one of 3rd grade, she would be the first one to  play spin the bottle...If you know what I mean!?....
       Believe it or not he was from Albania and his name was, yup you guessed it - ZOG!? (No shit!)  He had a cousin named "ILIR"  (Honest, I can't make this stuff up!)
       Everyone had one of these guys in their class... we thought he was either Amish or Vulcan! - (Jeez man look at the ears on this kid will ya!...)
       Jaime S (I think was the last name) anyway totally destined to be the class clown and of course look at this guy, can you blame him? I mean he has the look, clothes, stupid grin. Yeah he'll amount to something? Never knew what happened to him, but I imagine wherever he went, he is the Jeff Spicoli of the company he works for!?...
       Greg M (Who my brother nicknamed M the Panzy - poor kid) - Look at the specs on this kid though huh? Can you say "birth control?" He was a bit goofy...ok, he was really goofy... (we think he secretly rode the "short bus" although we could never confirm it.) oh and yeah, I hung out with him (but only because he made me look better!?...) Just kidding it was because he was the only kid I could take on a one on one situation (and even that was borderline - proven during an altercation in the school yard one lunch break - man I was pathetic!)
       OK, so here's your boy, Dave "Darth" M. Let's take a good hard close look at this kid shall we? Ok, it's 1979 so the kid is milking the plaid thing for all it's worth. Got the 70's big collar thing going AND check it out baby - got the vest action as well. This is probably one of the reasons Dave was and still is a fashion victim!?...

Note, missing one tooth in the front - very nice touch!

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