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       Here’s the story of Sasha and Jeff. This is a tragic tale of boy loves dog, dog doesn’t really trust boy, dog loves boy, boy grows distant from dog, dog goes into severe depression, the end!?. It’s not a long story nor a happy one, but one worthy of telling. So, please sit back, read and please if nothing else, learn this valuable lesson You may need a license to drive, fish and own a gun, but they’ll let ANYONE go to the pound and adopt a dog!
      The relationship started out between Sasha and Jeff as any good boy and his dog story does. First, the browsing phase, Jeff was in the need of a companion, not the kind you get from a person, but that unconditional “licking your face” kind that only a canine can provide. So Jeff with this major facet of his life missing, went down to the local pound and started the arduous task of trying to find the perfect mate. As he strolled the rows of cages, it was as if by coincidence that Sasha and he looked up at one another simultaneously. Their eyes met, locked in a rigid stare; the palms began to sweat, the heart began to beat fast, a sense of companionship was ever present and that magical feeling was there. A few moments of this euphoric state elapsed and then the barking started! Sasha, who was also excited about seeing Jeff only wagged her tail and sniffed the door to her cage, but you get the gist I think. Unsure of her visitor though and sort of in disbelief, Sasha had a little trepidation exiting her cage like a man has entering a cold pool (if you know what I mean?…of course you do!) Anyway, Jeff had his prize and couldn’t wait to get her home. Once home, Sasha was introduced to her new surroundings and promised eternal care by Jeff. The bond would be committed with many hugs and of course the usual face licking. Although the vows given, Sasha was still a little unsure of Jeff at the time as he was a little “smothering”, but figured he would grow more independent as time went on? (if she only knew?…) To both now, this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…


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