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Cyber kid moves tour back to Northeast!

MD-88 docked with the "Saucer Section."


Hey gang. 

       Well, itís been a busy third/beginning fourth quarter '09 with all the new flying and destinations, not to mention the move back to the Northeast just a mere two months ago!?...

       Continuing the grind into August and September in the south, the good old "Widget Works" was at it again re-shuffling their staffing and such!?  Already having spent a couple "grueling" months sitting around the crash with nothing to do, the prospect of losing even more of what little "reserve" seniority (bottom 5%) I was grasping onto, yours truly did a little number crunching.   So with just a mere 36 hours before the deadline and lots of thought prior, I made a strategic move to bid back to NYC  Although still a bid into the Mighty MD-88 Mad-Dog (or "Bad-Dog" as I am constantly saying!?) and the domestic sector, I figured the worst case scenario would be senior reserve?  I felt the commute would be worth that pain for the opportunity to have something to do if found myself with the plethora of "free time" I was afforded in Atlanta.  However, through a seemingly random twist of fate, I found myself moving back to NYC not in a junior position but nicely planted in the middle of the pack (50%).  Thus far I have been able to hold a regular line (schedule) and have had the opportunity to move/drop and trade most trips for what I have needed.  Admittedly, having had Thanksgiving off AND Christmas off (Off Dec. 14-30th)  I have to say, so far, it's been the best move I've made at work!  Watch this space as I continue to march along...

       In a health note/update, I've been able to maintain my lower weight despite the re-visiting to some "late night" snacking with my tea, still hovering the 159-160 mark.  Not too shabby considering I have a week in Florida for the Annual FUBAR/ERAU reunion AND a 19+ lb Turkey at Thanksgiving!?...  Also been able to hit a few more Hooter's, with the list hitting the 154 mark!  (By the way, all the Florida action will be coming 1st update next year!?...)

       So, anyway, enough with all the flying drama!?  In late October, the Little Dude and I partook in Star Wars Fan Days.  Being just prior to Halloween, Little Dude thought it would be cool to wear his Commander Cody Clone Trooper Outfit and he was a crowd pleaser; having posed with a half a dozen or so visitors who wanted a picture! - Very cool!... Here's a couple high-lights (or low-lights, depending on what side of the Geek Spectrum you're on!?...)

Little Dude realizes one dilemma of the Empire? Leia (Christy), Cyber Kid & Little Dude Little Dude and Leia!
Yes, that's Elvis!?... and Leia; oh and Dude! This isn't the droid your looking for! Mini Boba Fett, meet Mini Cmdr. Cody!

       In addition to Darth M and Little Dude taking part in all the festivities that Star Wars Fan Days has to offer, Cheeky Monkey was also in attendance!?... Dressed as Chewbacca.  Cheeky was there for one mission and one mission only too! - To meet the one and only Peter Mayhew, the actor behind our favorite wookie costume!?  All in all, it was a great day out!...

Just call me "Cheekybacca"... Rawr!?... Sweet, it's Peter Mayhew and he's talking to me!!!
       Outside of the Star Wars Madness, and yet in other GEEK Darth M news, the Cyber Kid (dragging along with Little Dude) attended the ComicCon '09 back in late August as well.  Although not as "visually" entertaining, I was able to meet and chat with J. Scott Campbell of Gen13 fame from the 90's "rock-star" comic era! 

       He was selling his new calendar of which I had to partake; the artwork was stunning and up to his typical standard.  Signing a few of the panels in the calendar for me, I left his table clutching my artistic prize (actually it cost me a cool $20 bucks) and couldn't help but wonder if that's how Tolkien intended Gollum had felt when he finally got back his "Precious!?"... 


       Right from the FUBARHQ side of the house:  In big FUBAR Publishing News, the FUBAR Entertainment Group has finally, after 3 years in the making, published the CHEEKY MONKEY photo blog/online journal.  Debuting at #1 among all traveling primate blogs and containing over 500+ captioned photos, the FUBARS pulled no punches.  If you'd like to keep track of CHEEKY'S "continuing" adventures, be sure to check out his website -


       That was a huge undertaking on the part of everyone involved however, I'm happy to have it online and up to date!?  Be sure to check it out! and come back often as it will be updated as quickly as the monkey can get it done!?...

       Anyway thatís about it for Darth M this quarter.  In all the repeat news -

       Be sure to check out ALL the new pictures of ALEX and JESSICA's adventures in their galleries, and all the new pics in the MY AVIATION ADVENTURES gallery as well as all the FUBARHQ news and content -

As always, there's ALL NEW pics in My Aviation Adventures, Alex, Jessica!


Oh and before I forget -

Still on FACEBOOK - www.FACEBOOK.com

Still on MySpace - www.MySpace.com/FUBARHQ

ATOMIC PUPPY is on MySpace Music along with free music downloads at Last.fm (total listens had topped 62,000 before the site's re-boot!) - www.MySpace.com/AtomicPuppyMusic

FUBARHQ video content still rockin' on www.YouTube.com


       As always, you can still (as if you haven't?) READ/DOWNLOAD (FOR FREE MIND YOU!?) an early draft of the Prologue/Chapter 1 to Rule of Thirds and the opening scene of Sky Hunters by <clicking> one of the links below...
SKY HUNTERS - Final Draft - Scene 1

DOWNLOAD PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1,2,3 of Rule of Thirds <click here>

So, until the 1st Quarter '10, grab a nice hot cup of sweet brown nectar and enjoy the holidays!?...

Until next time; "We know you have a choice when it comes to web surfing, thank you for choosing us today!"

Dave, The Cyber Kid (BTST)


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